Troriluzole Overview


Click to expend Rationally designed, new chemical entity prodrug of the glutamate modulating agent riluzole
  • Novel, third-generation, tripeptide prodrug conjugate of riluzole
  • Rapidly systemically absorbed and cleaved into riluzole by aminopeptidases in the blood
  • Developed to overcome limitations of riluzole


Click to expend Offers improved bioavailability, pharmacology, safety, and dosing
  • Actively absorbed in the gut (via the peptide transporter [PepT1]),
  • Not subject to a negative food effect
  • Generates predictable exposures of its active metabolite
  • Bypasses first-pass metabolism
  • Reduces riluzole burden on the liver
  • Allows exploration of higher concentrations of active metabolite
  • Once daily dosing
  • Good oral palatability